Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Our goal

Our goal in this app is to create ease of access to Sama university total educational management system, and we hope that as a leading provider of modern educational services, we will take a step forward in improving the quality of education and higher education services in the country. In this regard, we always need the support of you and your recommendation to achieve this.


General rules

  • • In the communication sections of the app, we expect you to treat each member of the community with respect. To prevent bad actors from creating a negative community experience we reserve the right to pause or terminate your account if you engage in disruptive, abusive, or nefarious behavior.
    • It is imperative that all the rules and regulations of the university to be respected, regardless of whether or not they are controlled by the app.
    • Membership in the app is based on the acceptance and application of the terms of the agreement and is not accepted in any way.
    • Attempts to penetration, hack, crack, reverse engineering, and any unlawful use of the service will result in the user being banned and prosecuted.
    • If it is detected that a user’s activities are contrary to the laws of the university or company, his /her access will be permanently terminated!
    • It is imperative to observe all current laws of our country.
    • If we make changes to the terms of this agreement, you will be notified..


Forbidden Activities

• Any kind of Profiting from this program and its services is prohibited.
• Any activity that directly or indirectly impairs material or moral harm to users is prohibited.
• It is forbidden to refer users to channels and other social networking pages.



• This program is for ease of use and the data is called from the main systems and synchronizes with the original system, but if there is any inconsistency, the data at the university is the main criterion and the conflicts do not create any rights for the user.
• The responsibility for all text, files, images and any content that is exchanged through the app is the responsibility of the sender’s user, and the company is not liable for any such issues.
• We are fully authorized to manage and restrict any users with inappropriate behaviors.
• All activities and posted materials are in the user’s responsibility.
• Tracking educational and financial problems of the users is the responsibility of the relevant university experts and is beyond the company’s obligations and privileges.



The items and specifications mentioned, including code, mobile number, ID and device information and user operating system are confidential and the company is committed to not publish the information above.

The company will back up and store all received and downloaded information from users, so we can revert to any other version if any corruption occurred.